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Why is My Check Engine Light On? 2014 Chevy Traverse

| Automotive, Column 3, My Posts, Videos | No Comments
While traveling for Thanksgiving, our 2014 Chevy Traverse decided to have it's check engine light turn on. We went to the local O'reilly Auto Parts store to borrow their OBDII…

AmScope 7X to 45X Stereo Simul-Focal Microscope – Unboxing, Assembly, and Review

| Column 3, Electronic Design, Lab Equipment, My Posts, Test Equipment, Videos | No Comments
My Leica microscope couldn't do video so an upgrade to a new AmScope Simul-Focal stereo 7X to 45X was needed. This video shows the process from unboxing to assembly to…

Halloween Animatronic – Reaper Jumper Scaring Trick or Treaters

| Animatronics, Column 3, My Posts, Videos | No Comments
I did this Halloween animatronic many years ago when my kids were young and it was a lot of fun so it seemed a natural for AggressiveFun. The old build…