AggressiveFun – 2014 Chevy Traverse Liftgate Repair – Acadia Enclave

By January 3, 2017Dave's HowTo, My Posts

The liftgate actuator on this 2014 Cheverolet Traverse LTZ had stopped working due to a broken liftgate actuator rod. We explore the mechanics and a little of the electric motor/actuator to determine what went wrong, why it is broken, what is needed to repair, and how to disassemble and reassemble the actuator linkage system.

I referred to a story in the video that I didn’t get to tell. In a nutshell – a roller suitcase had been loaded into the back of the Traverse in the airport parking lot. I was unfamiliar with the Traverse and didn’t realize that the suitcase had kept the liftgate from closing and locking. The liftgate had reversed and opened fully. We were in a hurry and I drove quickly out of the parking spot not realizing that the suitcase had fallen out onto the ground. Luckily I looked into the rear view mirror just in time to see the suitcase laying in the middle of the street. We recovered it, all was well, and I learned that automated liftgates can do things when your not watching that are completely unexpected! I now wait until it makes the latched sound before I move on. We were lucky!

Thanks for watching!